Studio report pt.1 on YouTube... plus new design /Marcus

Hey there all ye faithful metalheads!

So here we are, a first decent English posting in this blog for all to read... and hopefully also understand. There's alot in the pipe as we're soon going to hit the stage with new lineup and with a new setlist consisting more of recent material. So in order to fulfill some of our older promises, the very first Studio report of our trip in May to the studio Abyss is online and available at our YouTube page:

So there you go. Unfortunately no sneak previews yet of the music we actually recorded while being stationed there... but who knows... this is only part one ;-)

We've also updated some of our sites regarding the graphics. They are not all 100% the sexiest crap you'll ever see on the net right now, but they will do fine until we get some decent photographs and until we have some design ready for the album. We needed to get rid of a few images on the design that had the previous lineup. Check out the image below and the "new" site, if I've done my part5 right, you should be able to click it as well:

Anyway... that's it for now. If you're a true wizard with the "Google Translate" tool you can always read the messy post below that was posted earlier today. Cheers all!

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2012-02-12 @ 10:53:01
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